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The Most Energetic Person You’ll Meet in Paradise Office

Friday 17 Mar 2017

Amid the overflowing workload and time constraints inside the Paradise Group, one fine and young man shows everyone how to do it with dedication and enthusiasm.

It’s only been two months since our newest trainee started his internship program in Paradise Group, a young gentleman called Bui Huy Hoang. At age 21, he’s already showing potential on what the next generation of workforce can do in the corporate environment. Despite his lack of experience working in the office, still, he’s able to manage the tasks that are given to him by his managers from the marketing department.

Interestingly enough, behind this happy face and good vibes lies a soul filled with hope and ambitions, and also a student so driven in life that he was able to pull off an event that he himself organized in his university and was the reason how he got invited to work with Paradise.            A local descent of Nam Dinh Province and now a residence of Hoang Mai District in Hanoi, Hoang works hard in focusing on his studies and learning as much as he can to be able to reach his dreams as early as possible.

As The Paradise Today sits down with him one afternoon, we were able to learn more about this lad. Of course, as expected, he was more than ecstatic to do an interview with us since he’s been a part of this interview series ever since he arrived in the office.

Briefly tell us who you are as a person, both at home and at work.

I don’t really know how to describe myself clearly. But I guess I’ll just list down all my strengths and weaknesses to you. My strengths are I’m always full of energy, I think positively all the time, and I adapt well in different kinds of scenarios. On the other hand, I’m horrible at managing myself and my schedule, I lack experience for sure, and from time to time I become careless, which maybe is the kid in me that people see.


Show us what your day is like, Hoang? How do you juggle work, studies, and play all at the same time?

My day usually starts at 7 in the morning where I spend most of it at my university. This is crucial for me as this is the time where I invest a lot of my energy on studying and researching business concepts, an activity that a lot of people take for granted. This is where I can say I learn all the theories. And this ends at around noon.

After university, that’s when I get to put everything I’ve learned into practice, which is why I’m super excited to come to work in the afternoon and spend the remaining of my energy on the real work. The rest of my day starts from 1 in the afternoon until early evening at six o’clock.

From work, I usually have two options. Either I go somewhere like a café or a local restaurant with some friends to chat about our daily lives (Yes, I do brag about my work life with my friends), or just head home and rest so I can get ready for the following day at uni. It also depends on my current mood.


Why did you join Paradise? What was the driving force behind your decision?

One main reason why I chose to join Paradise was because of the curiosity behind the tourism and hospitality industry. I am attracted to people in general. Observing someone’s daily life, their behaviors, insights, orientations help me direct my way of thinking. It’s the base of any business. And eventually, this is the way on how you would target your customers.

With regards to the team itself, I was so thrilled to know that I’ll be working with one of the biggest marketing teams in the Halong Bay cruising industry; an opportunity that only a few dare to take. And with all our seniors behind me to support whatever it is that I need, I mean, isn't that more than enough of reason to join Paradise?

Do you have any message for the Paradise Group?

With all the guide and support that I’ve been receiving from the senior managers of Paradise Group, I hope I can overcome myself and be a real marketer and successful businessman someday. Thank you so much for having me.

By The Paradise Today