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The 10th Year Special: Deciphering the Magic Number 12

Wednesday 8 Feb 2017

It was when she moved to Paradise when she found complete enlightenment, as if it was her destiny and was born to do her job. 

As we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Paradise Group this week, our mother company who runs the biggest fleet in Halong Bay to this date, The Paradise Today team has set out to sit down with the freshest faces and biggest minds behind the power brand.

The first person we encountered was Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang, an attractive, confident, and a super charming lady in her early 30s. Assigned as the Director of Sales for the Paradise Suite & Trend Hotels, she’s a living proof of how women can be influential in the corporate world, especially in the hospitality industry.

During our conversation with her, we were able to find out some things that made her the strong woman that she is today. A mother, a wife, a manager, and a friend, Trang is happy that she’s found a second home with Paradise Group and a family with her colleagues in Hanoi office.

Tell us about your family and your career. How did it all come about?

I studied travel and tourism in university years ago and started working for various hospitality brands in the country, mostly in Hanoi as all my family is up here and I wanted to work close to them. You know, like any other typical Vietnamese, having your family in close distance is essential especially when you start your career.

As for my career, the most significant highlight I could think of I believe was when I worked for FLC Group, which shared the same office with Paradise Group during that time. Why so? Well, this was crucial for my career advancement because this was the time when I got to know Paradise more and everyone in the office. From there also, I was offered a job that anybody could not resist. And from there, the rest was history.

Started my Paradise story in July of 2016 to work on the hotel business. From day one up to now, it’s been nothing but a lot of fun and adventure. It can be very challenging most of the time, but what keeps all of us motivated in the sales team is our love and passion for what we do. I’m pretty sure each person in the team is happy to be here and has something to offer for the company.

Can you explain to us what the number 12 means to you? Seems like it has a lot of relevance to your life and career.

Glad you asked me this question. A lot of people have been wondering actually what this number is all about. Anyway, this number I believe is my lucky number. One, because it takes me 12 kilometers to drive from my home to the office. And second, 12 is also the average number of hours I work on a daily basis.

How would you describe your life in Paradise Group?

Three things. Number one, the office is modern and dynamic. Number two, our team are all young and serious about their careers, which I find compelling. Third, all managers are determined and inspiring, which is great for the overall office spirit, keeps everybody sane and driven.

Any career objective for 2017?

My mind is just set to achieve one goal this year. And that is to reach 60% average occupancy for the Paradise Suite & Trend Hotels in the first half.  


By The Paradise Today