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Spotlight: The Art of Making Mooncakes

Thursday 25 Aug 2016

As the mid-Autumn Chinese festival is coming (15th September), the traditional Mooncakes start to pop up everywhere in Vietnam. Even luxury packaging are being sold as some of these baked products are considered real jewels.

Source: Flickr / Tố Nguyên

Baking Mooncakes became an art that is not easy to master. Both the look and the taste need to be perfectly controlled. The original recipe includes a thick and heavy filling made out of either red beans or lotus seeds and is enveloped with a crust. Last but not least, it must contain yolks from duck eggs in its center. However, the recipe and especially the filling can be changed according to the baker’s creativity. Anything can be tried: almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin, peanuts and so on. To perfect this small round pastry, delicate and refined embroideries are designed on its surface and this not only for luxurious handmade ones but also for any industrial ones that you can find in local supermarkets.

Source: Flickr / Kim Kim

Nowadays, it is currently used in the business world as presents for important clients. Also, families buy high-end Mooncake to offer them to their friends and relatives. Although this is originally a Chinese tradition, it has slowly been spread around the world, especially in Asia, and is now really developed and appreciated in Vietnam where it is known as “Bánh Trung Thu”.

Source: Flickr / Nguyen Le

Vietnamese Mooncakes are really similar to the ones from China however they have different images on the top and can have divers’ fillings. Compared to other variants, the sweet flavor is really enhanced in this pastry, although it can be filled with ham, dried sausage, cheese, seafood and many other things. Kinh Do is one of the most famous big brands that sells a large choice of Mooncakes available at any period of the year. However, high-end brands are leading Vietnamese market and allow locals to find a more sophisticated and expensive Mooncakes for any special occasion.

By Paradise Today