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Of Building a New Home in Paradise: Moving to Halong Bay Part 2

Wednesday 8 Mar 2017

Continuing the stories of our young interns from Centro Escolar University, The Paradise Today team sat down again with one of our interns aboard the Paradise Elegance.

It’s been almost three months now since the young and brave group of students from Manila’s Centro Escolar University have faced their biggest task so far before graduating next month, a six-month on-the-job training in Halong Bay’s biggest luxury cruise operations, the Paradise Cruises.

During the beginning of their journey, The Paradise Today team was able to get an in-depth interview with two of their representatives, Sheela and Stanley, who now have grown into two mature service members of the Paradise Elegance, showing our shareholders and leaders that Filipino hospitality has what it takes to exceed customer expectations through personalized service.

And in addition to our list of outstanding members of the cruise team, we decided to do another face-to-face chat with an upcoming service superstar, Ms Rose Cielo Portus, a tall and soft-spoken 20yo woman hailing from San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines. Youngest of 5 siblings and still studying hospitality & tourism in CEU-Manila, Cielo shares her journey in Paradise with us on her first few months.

What was your life like back in the Philippines?

Back in the Philippines, I’m just your average “Maria Clara” (a term we commonly use for young Filipino women), focused on my studies and dreaming about getting a big job in a travel agency. I just take every day as it is and try to learn at least one lesson before I head to sleep. Of course, these all changed when I passed the interview for this Vietnam internship with Paradise Cruises. I was so surprised when I received the big news from our coordinator. This also gave me the opportunity to show my family of what I’m capable of and to let them know that I can be independent as well at a very young age.


Would you consider staying in Paradise after your internship? Why?

If I’m given the chance to work for the company and continue as a regular employee, I would grab it 100%. And there are many reasons to why I wanna do this instead of heading back home and start looking for jobs somewhere else again, which can be excruciating and tiresome.

One major reason as well for not considering Manila as an ultimate option for working is because of the crazy traffic, the standards of living, and the high-density population living in the city. The Philippines, although looks promising in terms of tourism growth, may not be an ideal place for fresh graduates like us to work at because of major factors such as the current political anomalies that we see on the news almost every day.

Can you describe your Paradise experience in 3 words?

Fun, pressure, and competitive. These are the top three words I could think of whenever I hear our company brand.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, similar to Stanly, I would love to have my own restaurant back in the Philippines, but I want to specialise on pastries and desserts as I have a big passion for baking. Hopefully, though, I could make this happen by the age of 30.

By The Paradise Today