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Meet Paradise Group’s Godfather: Mr. Ronald Cinco

Monday 23 Jan 2017

Every organization in the world has its most prized and most celebrated employee. Meet, greet, and get personal with Paradise Group’s own Ronald Cinco.

In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of the Paradise Group as the strongest and most innovative company in the luxury cruising sector in Halong Bay, The Paradise Today team traveled to Tuan Chau to have an exclusive interview with the group’s Godfather, Mr. Ronald Cinco, Cruise Manager of the much-awaited Paradise Elegance to be launched during Tet Holiday.

A father of three and a loving husband who was born and bred in the Philippines, Ronald is the type of person you’ll immediately like from the first second he greets you. The charming smile, confident voice, powerful gestures, and the aura full of charisma, it’s no doubt that Ronald has been named as the Godfather by his colleagues in Halong Bay (including the people from other cruise companies).

So, what was the journey like before you joined Paradise Group?

Before joining Paradise, I worked for more than 15 years in the hospitality industry doing different functions in various destinations both inside and outside my home country, The Philippines. It was exciting times for me as a Filipino hotelier as we are known for having excellent customer services.

My younger version learned from the bests in the industry; from housekeeping to front desk to the food & beverage department. I am very grateful for having these experiences and opportunities that were given to me. I wouldn't have come so far if without the help of my lifelong mentors, including our very own General Manager, Mr. Edgar Cayanan.


How do you consistently become the Best Cruise Manager in Halong Bay?

My number one technique when it comes to giving my guests a very good first impression is by addressing them by their first names. This works 100% of the time. I dare you not and bet even my own life that in most cases or situations, people don’t remember your name when you introduce yourself to them for the very first time. Everyone is so distracted with outside factors that people tend to not focus on what you’re saying.

And this is what I’ve mastered over the years, listening. It’s been effective since I started doing it in the 1990s. The rest works just by being genuine with my kindness and helpfulness. People are generally sensitive to fake service, so make sure when you work in service, your mindset should always be in helping mode. And from there you’ll go very far!

First, the Paradise Luxury, then the Paradise Peak, and now the Paradise Elegance. What can we expect from you from this new steel boat?

I’ve been waiting for the first day of cruising for a very long time now since I haven’t cruised for more than three weeks since I stopped in early January from handling the Paradise Peak. My journey with Paradise Group has been one hell of a ride and I feel more than blessed to be part of this Vietnamese family.

For the Paradise Elegance, it’s going to be much more exciting for our guests as the concept is the first of its kind in Halong Bay. Now, we’ll do continuous non-stop cruising in Halong Bay, allowing guests to see more of the stunning karst limestone islands and spending more time on board. Of course, for the active travelers, they still have the option to do some excursions off the boat. Aside from that, we’ll also allow guests to dine wherever and whenever they wish to, may it be on the sundeck, the restaurant, the lounge, or even in their cabin balconies. All they should do is make the request in advance.

There’s still a lot more to that of course, but we’ll save it for the launching day. It’s best if they experience it themselves.

Lastly, what does it take to be the Godfather in your field of work?

Always be calm, confident, and skilful in anything you do. Never take anything personally and put your heart in everything you do. Also, love the people that surround you, especially your team, even if they don’t love you back. They’ll realize it one day. KPI-wise, make sure you reach more than the targets of the spa, the TripAdvisor ratings, and the drinks revenue.

By The Paradise Today