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History of Home Restaurant's Building

Monday 24 Oct 2016

This wonderful bright yellow building hidden in the small Hanoian street of Chau Long has an interesting story to tell.

Source: Home restaurant

Built around the year 1935 under the French reign, this house is showcasing the typical colonial architecture that can be found today in a lot of locations all over Hanoi. This building has survived throughout nearly a century to appear today more beautiful than ever.

At the beginning, this charming dark yellow building was used to host the big family of Ms. Mai composed with seven members.

Some years after they left, when the French occupancy has been lifted, the building became a famous and appreciated restaurant in Hanoi called “Hoa Sua”. It had the particularity to train all its waiters, cooks, receptionists and other staff members. It was similar to some of nowadays practical hospitality schools but with almost only “on field” work. As the staff worked as part of their training, they were not paid but could study for a cheap price. Hoa Sua school was also hosting cooking classes for anyone who might be interested in learning the art of Vietnamese cuisine.


Source: Home restaurant

In June 2015, the building proudly became “Home” restaurant and left the concept of school to focus on its customers and on service quality. Outside walls were repainted to appear with their original bright and yellow color. Also, a lot of work has been done concerning the inside decoration. It aims to makes guests having the impression to travel around Asia with the exposure of sculptures from Indonesia and inside wooden walls originally belonging to an old House in Hoi An. Many small details allow every single visitor to appreciate the warm and delicate atmosphere of the restaurant.

Today, this place is lively, composed by 20 smiling people working in operation. Some evenings, the place is filled with relaxing and melodious music thanks to local acoustic live bands. For a drink or a delicious meal, it is worth spending some time in this place full of history and emotions.

To discover more about Home restaurant, please log on to: http://www.homerestaurant.vn/

By Paradise Today