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Festival to Promote Hanoian Traditional Art Craft

Monday 12 Sep 2016

Almost every year, Hanoi sets a wonderful craft village in its heart in order for tourists to discover all the different type of traditional arts that Vietnam can offer. Four days starting from the 29th September are just waiting for curious to come by and have a look.

Source: Flickr/Marco Sarli

Vietnam is a country full of different culture that all have their own traditional art. This whole heritage comes from various ethnic minorities who are part of Vietnamese folk’s ancestors.

According to statistics from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hanoi is home to more than 1,000 craft villages, 300 of which are recognized as traditional villages.

Thanks to the Hanoi City Department of Tourism, this festival is held every year in order for visitors to learn more about the process of creating local craft art pieces and discover practices that have been transmitted throughout centuries. It is also a way to preserve Hanoians knowledge regarding handcraft practice.

This year, the event will start from the 29 September and will close after 4 full days of activities that won’t let visitors bored. First, a wide range of traditional craft products such as potteries, lacquer paintings, embroideries and many more will be showcased. Every participant will be able to try creating artworks themselves using ancestral techniques and will also be able to take part in some fun folk’s games. Second, the festival will be introducing famous Vietnamese dishes in order for tourists to immerse themselves even more in this rich culture.

Source: The Metropole Hanoi

Last but not least, some seminars and exhibitions on how to develop and promote touristic activities in Hanoi will be held throughout these already well-filled four days. Also, loads of local travel agencies will be present not only to sell their package but mostly to create co-operative deals with local communities in order to work together, hand in hand.

A good way to promote Hanoi and Vietnam in a more general way through local arts.


By The Paradise Today