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Discovering Original & Traditional Music in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Friday 9 Sep 2016

The Vietnamese capital city has more than 1000 years of history of the culture and traditions. Most of the traditional arts practiced are deeply rooted in the country’s past and represent the essence of Vietnamese folklore.

Source: vietnamtouism.com

Everywhere in Hanoi, especially in the Old Quarter and on the weekend, traditional music is played on streets. This is not only to entertain tourists but also to remind locals about their ancestors’ habits and to perpetuate ancient traditions. A wonderful and sophisticated way to promote Vietnamese heritage throughout its own arts.

Some songs and melody called Chau Van were originally spiritual and created in order to invoke spirits during religious ceremonies. Nowadays, it is performed in Hanoi’s small streets, not anymore as a religious purpose but more to entertain passersby. With those lyrics, Dan Bau a monochord instrument or Dan Nhi a two cords instrument are often played to give more rhythm to the songs.

Performing on the street was an idea that germinates a long time ago in the head of folk music amateurs. They just wanted to share their love for music with other people without any profit purpose. It soon became really appreciated and met a great success. Since 2015, a group of artists started to collaborate with the management board of Hanoi’s old quarter in order to organise more street performance. Many famous singers and musicians are now part of the project and perform often on those street stages.

Source: tinbc.com

Also, every month, “Music Story of the Old Quarter” music show takes place in 50 Dao Duy Tu which is located in the center of the old quarter. The objective of this new and creative venues is to introduce the evolution of Hanoi as a big city but also as a cultural and artistic place. Music that narrates the capital’s musical history from the past to the present time.

By Paradise Today