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Beware of the Rising Fake Paradise Cruise Websites

Tuesday 25 Apr 2017

A number of fake Paradise Cruise websites have been popping out of nowhere over the last few months and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

With the success of cruise brands that the Paradise Group has set up in the last decade since 2008, there have been a number of individuals in the capital city of Hanoi who apparently create fake websites to lure foreign tourists to book these cruises either for the purpose of making extra money or simply by harming the reputation of the group in the eyes of the public.

Listed below are the websites, companies, and personalities that have been investing a lot of their time and money in doing such activities:

Sen Rung Travel

Leader: Lê Thành Công

Fake Website: www.paradisecruiseshalong.com


Sen Rung Travel

Leader: Lê Thành Công

Fake Websites: www.halonglavelacruise.com & www.halonglavelacruises.com


Sen Rung Travel

Leader: Lê Thành Công

Fake Websites: www.paradisepeakcruisehalong.com

Best Price Travel

Leader: Khúc Dũng

Fake Website: www.paradisecruiseshalongbay.com

Champa Travel

Leader: Đinh Dũng

Fake Website: www.paradisepeakcruise.com

Vietnam Golf Trip

Leader: Lê Văn Chung

Fake Website: www.paradisecruise.net

Not only does these group of individuals try to imitate the websites of Paradise Cruise and La Vela Cruises, they also tend to copy websites of other companies in Hanoi, in Halong Bay, and even international websites like Viator.

Because of these above fake websites that were created by a group of individuals who are not directly a part of Paradise Group nor Paradise Cruises for that matter, the original Paradise Cruise team have had instances of guests complaining about their bookings and had conflicts with the schedules that they’ve originally have planned.



And as a responsible company, the Paradise Group would like to warn the public about this ongoing scam that it may cause more troubles not only to their travel itineraries but can also cause possible identity thefts, especially when using credit card details online.

For the safety of everyone, we request that everyone should be careful and be wary of the websites you’re booking from and double check the credibility of the companies you’re booking with before leaving any personal information. Below are the real websites run and managed by Paradise Cruises & Hotels:

TRUE SITE: www.paradisecruise.com

TRUE SITE: www.lavelacruisehalong.com

TRUE SITE: www.paradisevietnam.com

By The Paradise Today