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A Whole Day in Hanoi Dedicated to Street Art

Friday 26 Aug 2016

Once again, Hanoi Creative City organizes its 3rd edition of the “Street Art Fair” called the “Graffiti Festival” especially aim to dazzle everyone’s eyes.

Source: Flickr/ Premshree Pillai

Hanoi Creative City alias HNCC located in the south of Hanoi is used to organise a lot of innovative event such as Wire Art workshops and summer camps that took place recently.

After the success of the two first editions, HNCC decided to continue setting some more art spirit in town. That’s how the idea of organising a Graffiti festival was born. The day of the 28th of August promises to be full of surprised as the program is packed with various activities.

Source: Flickr / And of other things

A mix of all kinds of street arts such as the final contest of Beatbox in the northern area or well-known DJ and famous rappers will perform throughout the whole day and the evening. Also, workshops such as painting will be given by multicultural artists and can be followed by both young and older people. In order to remember this fabulous artistic day, people can even keep it in their skin for weeks by making henna tattoos.

Aside from all those exciting activities, a street art exhibition will be set throughout the whole day. Not only international and professional Vietnamese artists - such as Bows from Thailand Knee Jerk and Phed from the UK and Linkfish & Dũng Zunk from Vietnam - but also amateurs will be able to showcase their hard work which can be purchased by anyone. Any art lover can subscribe in order to go to create art pieces under the theme of Future. Fortunately, all the full amount of money from the auction will be delivered to the artists.

All of this combined together make this festival a good experience for curious visitors as well as for art lovers.

Source: Facebook/ Hanoi Creative City

By Paradise Today