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Beware of the Rising Fake Paradise Cruise Websites

A number of fake Paradise Cruise websites have been popping out of nowhere over the last few months and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.


The Show of Northern Vietnam Quintessence

The experience will offer spectators a chance to explore Vietnamese history and culture from a contemporary perspective, with hundreds of performers, an interactive stage, and state-of-the-art technology.


Halong Bay cruises 2018

If you are planning a journey to Halong Bay, start with cruises of Paradise Cruise - The leading luxury cruise in Halong Bay.


The Most Energetic Person You’ll Meet in Paradise Office

Amid the overflowing workload and time constraints inside the Paradise Group, one fine and young man shows everyone how to do it with dedication and enthusiasm.


From Taiwan to Paradise with Love

Yet another inspiring story of a young woman who chose to move to Vietnam from Taiwan to study and work hard for her own future and for her family.


Of Building a New Home in Paradise: Moving to Halong Bay Part 2

Continuing the stories of our young interns from Centro Escolar University, The Paradise Today team sat down again with one of our interns aboard the Paradise Elegance.


An Exclusive First Look Inside the Paradise Elegance Cruise

The long wait is over. The much-awaited Paradise Elegance has finally started its first few cruises in world heritage Halong Bay from this month.


Halong Bay to Build an International Airport and a New Highway

Over the next two years, Quang Ninh Province will open two new developments including the Quang Ninh International Airport in 2017 and the Ha Long-Hai Phong Highway in 2018.


The Paradise Elegance Experience

After years of waiting and anticipation, the Paradise Group has finally launched its first and only steel boat ever, the Paradise Elegance cruise in Halong Bay.


The Paradise Group Visits Australia Accounts

From the 6th until the 10th of February, two of Paradise Group’s best sales guys have travelled across the Pacific to meet with our most valued clients in Australia.